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Cell Protection Protein


High Potency Solution

Age Prevention Technology includes:

Cell Protection Protein
to stimulate skin cell regeneration and to protect against harsh climatic elements
Abyssine 657
to reduce irritation
NAB Arnica Extract
to calm inflammation and redness
to fill in wrinkles and lock in moisture
to provide instant firming action
to help stimulate healthy protein production
Hydroxyprolisilane CN®
to help with cell renewal & skin regeneration
Sym Glucan
to reduce irritation and sensitivity


  1. After cleansing, apply onto face or targeted areas of redness and sensitivity. You can also rub between palms, then apply to your skin.
  2. Gently massage until completely absorbed, avoid areas around the eye and mouth.
  3. Follow with LIFT & REPAIR Treatment Serum.

Bio-engineered Formulation

This highly concentrated, post-procedural LIFT & FIX High Potency Solution reinforces skin’s barrier to fix and protect against redness, sensitivity and environmental aggressors.

It is the first step in encouraging long-term cell renewal. Along with CPP's, the active ingredients include anti-oxidants, immune system enhancers and proteins for skin repair and protection.


3.40 Ounces

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