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LIFTLAB pioneers the movement behind progressive age prevention technology.

The story begins with nature. From the roots of indigenous plants, to complex organisms, LIFTLAB is focused on the discovery of the true workings of nature. LIFTLAB’s core value is to bring the productive benefits from nature’s evolution to the consumer. In the cold and dry of the Arctic, scientists discovered that plants and animals were able to protect themselves from the harsh sub-zero climates by producing a unique protein. Armed with this secret, LIFTLAB applied the best techniques of modern science to isolate and purify this protein, delivering nature’s best protection to your skin.


Global Biotech Expertise

LIFTLAB consists of a global team of molecular biologists, diverse in scientific mastery but cohesive in thought.

Elliot Entis, an internationally known biotech authority, set out to integrate their work to produce medical and consumer-friendly products. In the 1990s, LIFTLAB scientists identified how the protein works so that cells, tissues and organs not only survive but thrive in harsh environments. First, it was introduced in medical procedures for the preservation of tissues and organs at sub-zero temperatures, expanding the time available for doctors to perform time-sensitive transplants. Soon after, it was applied as a natural preservative for everyday frozen food, preventing the formation of ice crystal particles that affect overall quality and flavor. LIFTLAB uses it in a form specifically tailored for highly effective, luxury cosmeceuticals and post-procedure solutions.


Cell Protection Protein

Clinical and in vitro tests show that Cell Protection Proteins work within our cells to protect and promote the cell’s innate self-regulating activity.

The patented Cell Protection Protein used in LIFTLAB treatments is a 100% natural biological component found most commonly in wintering organisms in the sub-arctic regions. This crucial protein strengthens cell membranes, protecting them against harsh climatic environments. Through further research and testing, Cell Protection Proteins was proven in both clinical and in vitro tests to also protect cells from destructive chemical imbalances and harsh UV rays, while improving skin’s moisture balance. Perhaps most crucially, Cell Protection Proteins boost the skin’s natural regeneration process by allowing skin cells to produce more of their own proteins that provide protection and growth. This result is the basis for the LIFTLAB Self-Regulating Lift System.


Self-Regulating Lift System

Self-Regulating Lift System is a multi-dimensional process that reveals the natural beauty that resides within your skin.

Linking potent antioxidants, essential vitamins and natural minerals with the breakthrough science of Cell Protection Proteins, our Self-Regulating Lift System reawakens your skin, reactivating and strengthening cell response performance. It also unlocks your cells inherent ability to naturally replicate while creating a virtual shield against heat-shock, cold damage and osmotic ion imbalances. This technological breakthrough allows our Self-Regulating Lift System to target both ends of the aging spectrum, for those who want to preserve the youth of their skin and those who want to correct their visible signs of aging. As a result, each formulation works seamlessly as it replaces what normally happens in healthy cells for the most targeted and effective skincare. LIFTLAB is a comprehensive skincare system used to prolong your skin’s youthful appearance and continued vitality.


*Scientists that makeup LIFTLAB: Dr. Boris Rubinsky, Dr. Garth Fletcher, Dr. Choy Hew

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