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Lift & Firm

Eye Cream

Redefines eye area to visibly firm and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, deep wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and sagginess.

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Lift & Repair

Treatment Serum

Helps visibly repair fine lines, deep wrinkles, sun damage and uneven skin tone. Eight proteins and peptides provide immediate hydration and, with regular use, optimize long-term cell renewal.

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Lift & Moisturize

Daily Cream

Combines proven actives to moisturize skin’s surface layers and increase elasticity while simultaneously correcting visible signs of aging and extending skin’s youthful longevity.

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Awaken the power within your skin

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Now purified and patented, CPP™ has the ability to strengthen cell membranes, boost cell regeneration and encourage the formation of protective anti-oxidants. CPP works with your skin to promote the formation of over 40 natural proteins, including collagen and elastin for firmness, resiliency and bounce.

Augmented by the addition of carefully selected proteins, peptides, vitamins and minerals, each formulation has unique properties that enable it to excel at its job, addressing specific aspects of skin care – individually and as a team.

LIFTLAB SKIN REGENERATION Scientifically delivering nature’s best defense against time and the elements

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